Review: CallToU Caregiver Call System

Imagine you’re in your oasis of calm – your backyard garden. It’s a clear day and you’re on a hunt for errant weeds and malicious pests. Your elderly mother is upstairs confined to her bed with a cast from ankle to upper thigh. Normally independent, her current state has her agitated and restless. The last time you checked she was sleeping soundly. You set to weeding your vegetable patch.

Hours later, you check on your mother. She’s awake and soaking wet. She’d tried to pour herself a cup of water from the pitcher by her bed. Obviously something went wrong. She had been calling out but you hadn’t heard her all the way in the yard.

As you help your mother dress in dry clothes, you realize that it could have been much worse. What if she had fallen off the bed? Or hit her head? What should you be doing to help?

You can’t stay by her bedside all the time. It’s not practical or necessary. Your mother needs to have something simple and foolproof to call for help. Something like the CallToU alerting system.

Name: CallToU Caregiver Call System
Price: $$ (out of $$$$)
Availability: Ships to Australia, Europe, United Kingdom, United States


The CallToU Caregiver Call System is made up of two parts: the receiver and the call pendant. A light press on the red button sends a signal to the receiver. The receiver flashes blue and chimes twice.

One receiver can be paired with more than one pendant. Multiple pendants can be paired with one receiver. Multiple receivers and pendants can be paired to give full coverage to a multi-level home.


Installation is effortless. You won’t need a box of tools to install. You won’t have to run wires through the house or fiddle with electrical switches.

You plug one receiver into a power outlet on the wall or on a power strip. Place a pendant close to the receiver and press the red button. This is an easy way to test for pairing and normal functionality. If the pairing or matching is successful, you’ll hear the chimes and see the blue flashes. You’re ready to set up the receiver’s volume and chimes.


There are 55 chimes to choose from. The tones range from Yankee Doodle Dandy to Scarborough Fair to holiday tunes. Listen to the video above to hear some of the actual chimes.

You should be able to find one type of chime that is both pleasing to the ear and attention-getting. You will need to select the same chime on each receiver or be prepared for an eruption of noise.

The volume level must be selected. There are five levels of loudness up to 110 decibels.

This system is not complex. There is no need for a home WiFi network or Bluetooth availability. There’s no need to link or call an outside phone number or service. There are no apps to download and configure.


The round call button can be slipped into a pocket or worn like a pendant using the provided lanyard. For its size and weight, the call button is adaptable.

  • It can be hung on a hook affixed to the wall beside the bed.
  • The button is waterproof. Tie or hang one close to the shower without worry.
  • One can be tied around a lamp in the living room next to a favorite chair.
  • One can be hung near a patio or deck. This way small children can summon aid or attention quickly.
  • A button can be attached to a wheelchair, walking frame or scooter.
  • For secure, hands-free active use, it can be inserted into armbands like the ones used for media players.



Now that it’s set up, how easy is it to actually use day to day? When your loved one needs you, they press the button. The button presses down easily. They don’t have to have the strength of Hercules or athletic coordination to operate the call button. They don’t need to depress and hold the button either. One light press is all that’s required.

The receiver sounds. You hear the chimes and make your way to your loved one’s location. There’s no need to turn off or reset the receivers or call buttons after every alert.


The CallToU receiver and call button are made for purpose, durable and visually pleasing. This call system is designed to fulfill its purpose.

  • There are no extra switches or parts that do anything beyond its primary objective.
  • Both the button and receiver are made of molded plastic. They can survive being dropped and bumped.
  • The receiver is a white, three inch square. Plugged in, it protrudes an inch from the wall. Generally, it is unobtrusive and would blend into any kind of home decor.
  • Plugged in, the receiver is always on. With a battery installed, the call button is ready for use at any time. There is no need to turn anything on or off.


CallToU Receiver patient with caregiver


Overall, the CallToU Caregiver Call System is good value and safe around the house.

  • The receiver uses a tiny amount of electricity. The call button is battery-powered.
  • Once the receiver is plugged in, there are no exposed components that could prove harmful to children and pets.
  • The call button is rounded and smooth. Its small weight feels good in the palm.
  • The receiver has no sharp edges or blunt points.



The CallToU Call System is expandable and can be adapted to different situations and surroundings.

  • With a 500 feet range, the receiver can be used in small and large locations.
  • For multi-level coverage, multiple receivers can be used from the basement to the top floor.
  • Call buttons can be placed in areas where loved ones could need them most such as bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. In this way, the call button does not need to be carried within the house.
  • Different sets of buttons and receivers can be paired to serve different purposes. For example, the first set can paired and set to Yankee Doodle Dandy. This set could be used to signal readiness for a meal. The second set can be paired and set to the default ding dong chime. This set can be used to signal for immediate help.



It takes little effort to successfully send a call with the call button or hear an alerting chime.

  • One quick, shallow press of the red button is all it requires. Even someone with arthritis in their hands can send an alert.
  • A child or adult with weakened hand muscles or poor coordination can press the button.
  • A very young child or a developmentally handicapped adult can learn to press the button for help.
  • With auditory and visual cues and heightened volume, the receiver can be noticed even if the family caregiver has impaired vision or hearing.
  • A caregiver does not have any complicated instructions to remember or decisions to think about. Once the chime is heard or seen, they simply go to the patient.




  • Power-efficient and easy to operate by anyone.
  • Durable and safe around children and pets.
  • Cost-effective investment that solves a specific problem. No subscription fees to pay.
  • Adaptable to most environments through placement and expansion. Up to 55 call buttons and 22 powered receivers can be combined to form one large installation.
  • An always on, always available solution.
  • Implementation needs little effort or expertise.
  • Available for international use. Receiver voltage is set for 110-260V. A conversion may be necessary to fit different power outlets.


  • Call buttons are powered by two 12 volt 23A batteries. Replacement batteries are available on Amazon.
  • This is not an intercom or walkie talkie. A patient cannot verbally communicate with a caregiver only send out an alert call.
  • Neither the receiver or the call button are suitable for outdoor use.
  • Once purchased, items may not be returned for a refund. Replacements may be possible after contacting CallToU support.



For direct interaction between loved ones and family caregivers a singular alert product will not be enough. You should consider a home-wide intercom or portable walkie talkies.


Q: Pressing the pendant but the receiver doesn’t make any noise. What’s wrong?
A: This may mean that the pendant and receiver are not recognizing each other. They need to be manually paired or matched together. Look on the side of the receiver for the volume button. Depress and hold the volume button until you hear a noise. Press the red call button. The receiver should emit two short sounds and flashes. This confirms that the two are connected.

Q: Does it come with batteries?
A: Yes. The call buttons come with batteries. There is also a bracket opener tool to help you open the back to install or change the batteries. Do not lose the opener tool. This video illustrates how to change the batteries:


CallToU’s simple approach accomplishes one critical mission – alert the caregiver efficiently and immediately. This is one solution designed for home installation and everyday usage. The CallToU Caregiver Call System is an ideal product for home caregiving and monitoring. Its best qualities are ease of use, simplicity of operation, low cost of ownership and a call button that’s waterproof.


CallToU 1 Receiver and 2 Call Buttons

Get peace of mind at home while caring for loved ones.


CallToU 2 Receivers & 2 Call Buttons

Expand coverage to multiple floors with 2 receivers.

Maria is a Hubspot-certified digital marketer and blogger. This self-confessed rat race refugee left a 20+ year technology career to take on the challenges of family caregiving. She published her first Kindle novel Conway 6-7. Lately, she has been dabbling in interactive fiction game development. She is a Certified Caregiving Advocate and lives near Chicago.


  1. Reply

    This is a really good article and gave me a lot to think about as my family were in a similar situation.
    I am not sure if i can get this item in the UK, but will check it out again.

  2. Reply

    Hello Maria,

    I loved your thorough review of this calling system. I never actually thought that I will find such a tool. It is amazing to have it and to be able to make our life easier and better. it is a shame that neither the receiver or the call button is suitable for outdoor use. That would be a great addition but maybe they will give it later.

    I believe the device affordable since it is within the range $40 which is really great! Thank you again for this great review. I will make sure my family knows about it. It will be helpful for my grandma. She would love to get this kind of device to make it easier for all of them and her!

    • Reply


      My grandmother used an antique cowbell. I think it could be heard by the entire block. To avoid hearing loss, I got the CallToU pagers for my father’s use. It’s worked out for him.


  3. Stanley


    This product look promising as a call paging service. I like that it is simple and a one time purchase. I have some concerns on the whether walls would prevent the effectiveness of the product? How would it react to concrete walls where I live? I also feel that having some form of 2 way communication would make the product better. If the individual can page and say what they need, the caregiver can prepare and respond in one trip rather than two or more trips. That would make this product better having taken into consideration both the needs of the person cared for and the caregiver. Having said that, I believe there is a need for such a product today.

    • Maria


      In my experience with this product, walls or floor levels have not been a problem. We got around the two-way limitation by having 2 receivers and 2 buttons. One set (1 receiver, 1 button paired, using one distinct chime style) for my father’s use to contact me. His receiver is set up outside of his room. The second set is for me to alert him. The 2nd receiver is in his room. He would press his button then I would press my button in return so he knows that I did get the alert. I may not get to him immediately but he does know that I will be going to see what he needs. 

      A walkie talkie type solution would be ideal. However, my father is not mechanically inclined. He likes something simple to use. At 87 years, he cannot remember sequences of steps. He had a stroke that resulted in aphasia so speaking is not always intelligible. For him and me, the simpler button solution works. In a pure emergency situation, pushing a button may be the only thing they can do.

      CallToU does make different kinds of pagers. I suggest you look over what they have. 

  4. Melissa


    Hi Maria,

    This type of product could certainly come in hand. It seems simple enough and affordable. My mother suffered from a brain tumor, so, unfortunately, this would not have been ideal for her because she would forget that it was accessible. However, I can see many other situations where this would be very useful.

  5. Carol5162


    It is really scary to imagine that things could go that wrong. I am glad that a gadget like the CallTou Call System exists. I love that the gadget can be places in almost all locations in the house. From the installation instruction, I bet anyone could easily install it. The ability to pair a receiver with multiple pendants is such a great plus. This is real value for money. I believe every household should have the CallTou Call Alert System. Thank you for these great recommendations.

  6. C


    Thank you for this review of the Call To U Call System. I was wondering if it would help me with my family care-giving and it sounds like it would. I’d probably get it as a gift for my aunt, who cares for my grandmother. My grandmother is still relatively self sufficient but she may eventually need that. 

    It would definitely be good to have. That’s great that installation is easy, and there are a lot of nice chimes. It’s simpler to use than a cell phone which will help whoever needs to call for help. 

    Thanks for your expertise on family care giving. Have a great day!

    • Maria


      The reason my father and I use this system is because it is simple. People sometimes want all the bells and whistles. They don’t realize that in most real emergencies the most our loved ones can do is push a button. That’s it. They may not be able to move very much let alone talk into a pager. But they can press a button with their finger, toes, chin, elbow or nose. No thinking or fine motor skill needed. Just press the button. You can even train young kids who are around the disabled or elderly to press the button when help is needed. 

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