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In addition to blogging here, I will be writing regularly on I will be posting short, positive (maybe funny), personal posts about my caregiver experiences.

My latest post: Caregivers are Time Travelers


In 1996, Denise M. Brown founded Over the years, it has grown to have an enormous library of stories by and about caregivers. If you are a family caregiver and want an online refuge tailor-made for you, become a member of There are daily chats, Twitter sessions, podcasts and a variety of blogs written by fellow members.

Maria is a Hubspot-certified digital marketer and blogger. This self-confessed rat race refugee left a 20+ year technology career to take on the challenges of family caregiving. She published her first Kindle novel Conway 6-7. Lately, she has been dabbling in interactive fiction game development. She is a Certified Caregiving Advocate and lives near Chicago.

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